9.00 a 12.00 h. Workshop AEFONA, directed by Alfonso Lario.

Photographic tour aimed at young people and accompanied by photographers from AEFONA coordinated by Alfonso Lario. This will take place through a key environmental space: The Sils ponds. During this tour, you will learn the different techniques of location and preparation as photographic of macro and birds, which will help them to value the great biodiversity that exists in this space.

This year as a novelty we will have the collaboration of Olympus that in addition to providing different material so that they can try the youngsters will have a young trainer Egoitz Icaza who will collaborate “in situ” helping to explain the different techniques that we can use.

More information: DESCARGAR

12.45 a 13.15 h. Knowing ESPEN BERGERSEN.

Lloret Room of the Monterrey Hotel

13.15 a 13.45 h. Knowing WILL BURRAD-LUCAS.

Lloret Room of the Monterrey Hotel


09.00 A 11:00h. Snorkel in Lloret de Mar with Xatrac and Olympus + Susi Navarro

Program specially designed for young people under 23 years of age. Registration and exits needed from the theater hall.