Exposition MontPhoto 2018

MontPhoto is the International Nature and Mountain Photography Contest of reference in Spain organized by the non profit association MontPhoto.

This contest born in 1997, under the name MontBarbat, with 4 participation categories and 8 awards given between the no more than 330 presented works this year. During the first 12 years the contest runned hand in hand with the Excursion Center of Lloret de Mar, lead by Salvador Duran by then. From its origins, the contest has always had a very special tie with the natural environment where it belongs: Lloret de Mar.

MontPhoto has as a mission to value, to promote and to spread the art of nature photography, becoming the meeting point of the photography amateurs and professionals too, in an international level, and to contribute to the environmental defense, the conservationism and the environmentalism.

The values of MontPhoto are environmental Respect; the fundamental base of the contest. Following the ethic codes we search for respect and conservation of the originality of the landscape, of the live-beings in their natural habitat and their patrimonial values. Integrity; to reflect accurately the natural situations and to avoid suffering, perturbation or interferences in the animals’ behaviour. Transparency; the contest, its basis, the images selection process, the communications and all of the activities linked to MontPhoto are based under the Transparency principle. Divulgation; photography as an artistic element and, over all, as a tool to reflect the environment’s reality. From MontPhoto we procure the maximum broadcasting of our values. Education; MontPhoto assumes the educational compromise through specific programs and motivating and promoting the participation of the young in the contest. Local Promotion; the contest is located in the Girona’s Costa Brava, in Lloret de Mar. One of the missions of the contest is the promotion of the environment we are situated in. The International Dimension; MontPhoto is an international contest, we procure the broadcasting of our values in an international level. Compromise to all the organization, the participants, the companies and institutions who give us support year after year. And Innovation; a continuous improvement to excellence as a way of working.

The Exhibition of MontPhoto 2018 is the collection of the most charming images, awarded by the jury in this edition between the more than 12.000 presented works to the contest this year 2018, coming from more than 60 countries worldwide.

More information at: www.montphoto.com