"A matter of time"- Jon A.Juarez.

A matter of time

“It only takes a thousandths of a second to appreciate the fluttering of the seagulls that wavered over the cliff, hundreds of seconds to highlight the reddish fur of a fox in the evening, dozens of seconds to capture the resounding clash from a wave against the rocks. It’s a matter of time, being in the right place and at the right time.

Knowing the behavior of light, knowing at what moment of the day the rays of the sun will cross the leafy glass of trees, which autumn week will bring warm colors and images in red, orange and gold, when the storm will begin and when it will end the wind

It is a matter of time that our owls remain empty of life, let our forests fall by fire, that the snow-capped summits are naked, that our rivers fall without water. It’s a matter of time that our children and daughters never get to know the treasures that our planet is hiding. ”

After a few years in the world of nature photography in Germany, I finally have the honor of inviting you to my first photographic exhibition at home. It will be a very special exhibition for me, not only for what it means to return to the roots, but for the content of the sample, a combination of different stories lived on the trips of recent years where very important environmental issues are attached to ours society today.

On September 21 I encourage you to come and make a glass of cava with me and discover the stories hidden behind my photographs.

Casa Saladrigas
c/Doctor Roig i Raventós 2
17300 Blanes, Girona.