With Trees- Kristel Schneider.

Variations in trees:

The trees that often go through them without actually seeing them.


SUMMARY: The exhibition is the result of the work that Kristel Schneider has carried out through a photographic, conceptual and graphic search around a common theme, the tree, which is familiar to us and we often pass by them without seeing them Really.

Kristel’s photography project started approximately 5 years ago and Con árboles is the second exhibition on the same subject.

He published his first book, Variations in trees in December 2017.

It makes us discover the colors and the subtle shapes of the trees in their adopted Auvergne. Each image encourages the gaze to contemplation, to the rhythm of the variations of nature.

This exhibition was carried out in association with the TiragePro printing company. All prints are printed on Hahnemühle Art paper – Photo RAG308g. Using a high resolution printing pigmented process. This gives impressions of a very high fidelity and exceptional life in classical conditions of exposure. About Dibond 3 mm.

Bio: + portret

Kristel Schneider, a photographer with a passion for nature and landscapes.

But that would be simply transmitting the visible part of your staff’s iceberg, as you can see now.

Before showing his present portrait, many small drops of life have filled a vase that is not yet fully filled.

She was born in the Netherlands and lived a large part of her adult life in Amsterdam.

He studied Human Resources Management and Communication and worked the last 6 years of his other professional activity as a communication consultant for a pharmaceutical company.

Everything changed in 2007 when he decided to move to Auvergne, France, to focus on his passion, photography.

Photography is now more than a passion for it; which is a way of life and the best way to express oneself more creatively.

Work with an eye for the detail of giving birth to intimate compositions so that people can also play a role when they look at it.

His work can be found in many books and magazines, and other publications. In December of 2017 he published his first book, Variations in trees.

Parallel to this, she works in conjunction with the Nordic Vision Photo-tours (ad Dutch based photo travel company) as a tour guide.

the key words of Kristel: spicy food, Berger Picard, good wine, married, art, nature, 4 seasons, 1968, Auvergne, France, Dutch, enjoying life.