Rubén Duro

Title: Invisible nature

Description: There is a world beyond our eyes. It is an immense world that, paradoxaly, is inhabited by tiny, microscopic beings.

The clean and beautiful streams, lakes, rivers, even the soil of the forests, are the home of an enormous quantity of living beings that we usually ignore although they have an extraordinary importance in the functioning of all those ecosystems we admire so much.
Without them, without its wonderful and almost unknown task, nothing could exist in the way we know today. They are responsible for maintaining the necessary cycle of matter and energy sustaining the life in and on our planet.
Some of them are single-celled, formed by one single cell able to carry on all the vital functions. And other are multicelled, much more complex but not necessary bigger.

Most of them appeared on Earth long time before us and, surely, they will continue living on it long time after we disappear.
Despite its enormous importance, they are not on the covers of magazines and are not involved in conservation programs. As someone said, they do not pertain to the “jet set” but to the “working class”.
But they exist. Luckily they exist.