Neil Aldridge

“Pictures that matter: communicating for a cause”

Description: Thirty years ago, a photographer could raise awareness of a species or a place through the simple act of taking a photograph. Nowadays, with a saturated internet and the mass availability of digital cameras, we have to work harder to make our work matter and to make the voice of our planet heard. We have to be more than just photographers.

Neil Aldridge focuses his efforts on creating photographs and photo stories that benefit conservation. In his talk, Neil will share images from his time documenting the lives of endangered African wild dogs and show how today he is using his work to help rhino conservation. He will also introduce his latest project – Living with Foxes – that tells the complex story of the fox in Britain today.

Bio: Neil Aldridge is a conservation photographer, writer and wildlife guide.

He aims to create photographs and stories that benefit conservation by challenging perceptions, increasing understanding, inspiring action and unlocking funding.
He has twice featured in the winners portfolio of Wildlife Photographer of the Year, twice won British Wildlife Photography Awards and was named European Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2014.

His most successful bodies of work to date include projects on African wild dogs, rhino conservation and stories from the British countryside, including the badger cull debate and pheasant shooting. Most recently, he has been working to establish the charity Rhino Conservation Botswana.
As well as his documentary photography, Neil uses his fine art wildlife photography to raise funds for conservation.

As a qualified wildlife guide, ethical field skills and an intimate knowledge of wildlife play a central role in his photography. He also holds a Masters degree in photojournalism gained from the University of the Arts London.

He is a contributing photographer to the agency Nature Picture Library.